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Published Thu May 5th 2016

Queen's Cancer Research Institute (QCRI) is pleased to announce the names of this year’s recipients of the Craig Jury Memorial Summer Studentship in Cancer Research. This endowment fund was established in 2005 through a gift from Mrs. Erma Jury, Arts 1963, in memory of her son Craig, and is awarded on the basis of high academic achievement and a demonstrated interest in cancer research, to a full-time undergraduate student in the Faculty of Health Sciences or the Faculty of Arts and Science to participate in a summer studentship in the Cancer Research Institute at Queen’s University.

Thanks to matching funds from the Terry Fox Transdisciplinary Training Program in Cancer Research in partnership with Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), QCRI was able to offer 3 additional Craig Jury Memorial Summer Studentships in Cancer Research! Congratulations to the 4 recipients in the Division of Cancer Biology & Genetics (CBG) in QCRI:

Justin Cowen, a 2nd year BScH Arts & Science (Biochemistry) student under the direction of Dr. Peter Greer (project title: “The Merlin/NF2 tumor suppressor”).

Jasmine Lee, a 3rd year BScH Arts & Science (Life Sciences) student under the direction of Dr. David Berman (project title: “Functional roles of epigenetically silenced genes in prostate cancer progression”).

Sarah Maritan
, a 4th year BScH Arts & Science (Life Sciences) student at Queen's University under the direction of Dr. Lois Mulligan (project title: “Exploring pro-invasive signaling proteins in colon cancer”).

Emma Smith
, a 4th year BScH Arts & Science (Life Sciences) student under the direction of Dr. Susan Cole (project title: “Structure-function studies of the hinge regions of the organic anion transporter, MRP1”).