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Don't miss QCRI Seminar Thursday 10 Nov/16 at 4:00 pm in QCRI 100/01

Published Wed Nov 9th 2016

QCRI Seminar! Thursday 10 Nov/16 at 4:00 pm in QCRI 100/01 - a Collaborative Graduate Program in Cancer Research presentation by Eric Lian, PhD candidate (Pathology & Molecular Medicine)

"Differential RET-isoform contributions to tumour invastion and migration"

The RET tyrosine kinase is expressed as two protein isoforms, RET9 and RET51, which differ in their unique C-terminal amino acids. These isoforms have distinct intracellular trafficking and associated signaling complexes, but functional differences are not well defined. RET is frequently mutated in thyroid carcinomas and is also expressed in a number of other cancers such as those of the colon, prostate and pancreas.

We used shRNA-mediated knockdown of individual RET isoforms or of total RET to evaluate their functional contributions in papillary and medullary thyroid carcinoma cells, and have shown that the RET isoforms differ in their abilities to mediate a number of key processes for invasion and metastasis.

Supervisor: Dr. Lois Mulligan"
Everyone is welcome!