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TOMORROW! Thursday 24 Nov/16 at 4:00 in QCRI 100/01

Published Wed Nov 23rd 2016

a QCRI Frontiers in Cancer Research presentation by Dr. Lillian Siu, MD, FRCPC (Professor, University of Toronto), Medical Oncologist, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre)

“Cancer Genomics and Data Sharing Initiatives”

This presentation will focus on the current landscape in the area of molecular characterization for clinical applications, highlighting the multi-centre collaborative project, Ontario-wide Cancer TArgeted Nucleic acid Evaluation (OCTANE). Examples of cases that have been processed through this study at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre will be shown to illustrate how the Ontario participating centres will work together to build a rich clinical and genomic data repository. Opportunities to find matching therapies for OCTANE patients, such as the planned CAnadian Profiling and Targeted agent Utilization tRial (CAPTUR), will be discussed. In addition, ongoing key international data sharing initiatives will be emphasized.


To review the current landscape of cancer genomics and molecular profiling for clinical applications

To discuss an Ontario genomic-based collaborative project Ontario-wide Cancer TArgeted Nucleic acid Evaluation (OCTANE)

To discuss opportunities to translate results obtained from OCTANE in terms of finding genotype-matched treatment for patients and for international data sharing.

Host: Dr. David LeBrun (david.lebrun@queensu.ca; x 33209)

Everyone is welcome!