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TOMORROW! Thursday 09 Mar/17 at 4:00 in QCRI 100/01

Published Wed Mar 8th 2017

a QCRI Frontiers in Cancer Research presentation by Dr. Harriet Richardson (Assoc. Professor, Dept. of Public Health Sciences, Queen's University, Cancer Research Institute, Divisions of Canadian Cancer Trials Group and Cancer Care and Epidemiology)

“The influence of aromatase inhibitors on breast density in postmenopausal women”

Breast density describes the composition of breast tissue as it appears on a mammogram and is expressed as the proportion of dense to non-dense (fatty) tissue. Women with a high percentage of dense breast tissue are at a significantly elevated risk for breast cancer compared to women with non-dense breasts. One proposed mechanism that may be responsible for this relationship is associated with the estrogen pathway. Results from several CCTG breast cancer prevention trials in postmenopausal women, evaluating the role of aromatase inhibitors (anti-estrogen therapy) on changes in breast density will be presented. The utility of breast density as an endpoint in the design of future breast cancer prevention trials that target the estrogen pathway will be discussed.

Host: Dr. Peter Greer (greerp@@queensu.ca; x 75081)

Everyone is welcome!