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Published Thu Feb 28th 2019

a CoRecT Translational Research Team presentation!

Thursday 07 March/19 at 4:00 pm

"Identifying Predictive Biomarkers in Colorectal Cancer"

Presenters: Drs. Scott Davey, David Hurlbut, Christine Orr

Abstract: We will present an overview of the origins and current activities of the Colo-Rectal Translational (CoRecT) research team (Davey), and the clinical context for studies in colorectal cancer (Hurlbut). We will then present a detailed description of the team’s work on identifying predictive biomarkers of outcome in diabetic CRC cancer patients, and how diabetes-related treatments with metformin and insulin impact CRC (Orr). Our data indicates specific conditions under which metformin treatment is associated with favourable outcome, and ongoing studies are aimed at determining the molecular basis of this observation.

Everyone is welcome!