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Looking for a Trainee to join the QCRI Executive Management Committee

Published Thu Jul 11th 2019

As part of the implementation of its strategic plan, QCRI is committed to sharpening its focus on education, which is core to its Mission. To that effect, we have created a new role for a trainee on the QCRI Executive Management Committee (EMC). The EMC develops strategies and operational procedures that will ensure the long-term sustainability of the Institute and the effective pursuit of the Institute’s vision and mission. The trainee representative will attend monthly EMC meetings and work with the committee by email. In addition, the QCRI will be developing a new education strategy over the next year and we expect that the trainee representative on the EMC would contribute to that process. The term for this new position is one-year and renewable up to two times.

If you are a graduate student or fellow with a passion for education and a desire to play a key leadership role in the Institute, you are encouraged to apply for this position. The ideal candidate has strong communications skills, some administrative experience (e.g. leading or participating in a committee) and has already completed at least one year as a trainee. Your research activities should demonstrate an affinity for translational research. The application should come in the form of a short letter describing your background in education and provide some thoughts on what innovations or changes in its education programs QCRI might consider as it looks towards creating a new education strategy. In addition, we would ask for two letters of support.

Applications are due 31 July 2019 and should be submitted to me (bermand@queensu.ca) via email and copied to maureen.hobbs@queensu.ca. The EMC will review applications and select a candidate in August. Ideally, the new Trainee Representative will attend the EMC meeting scheduled for 23 September 2019 at 2:00 pm.

If you have any further questions about this new role, please feel free to reach out to me (bermand@queensu.ca).

David M. Berman, MD, PhD