Scott K. Davey, PhD, MBA

Scott K. Davey
  • Principal Investigator, CBG Division
  • 3rd Floor, Queen's Cancer Research Institute
  • Kingston, ON
  • K7L 3N6
  • Telephone: 613-533-6923
  • E-Mail:

Faculty Bio

PhD (Biochemistry), University of Western Ontario
PDF (Genetics), Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
MBA, Queen's University

Professor of Pathology & Molecular Medicine, Oncology, and Biomedical & Molecular Sciences
Chair, Undergraduate Studies (Life Sciencees) - Dept. of Pathology & Molecular Medicine
Director, Cancer Biology and Genetics Research Stream (Life Sciences)

My lab has wide-ranging research intersts, spanning basic science related to cell cycle checkpoint control, through translational breast and colon cancer research, to studies of the business of research.

Information on the Cancer Research Sub-Plan of Life Sciences,
CANC 499 Project Availability for Fall 2017.

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