CANC 499 Projects for Fall 2017

Supervisors potentially interested in hosting students for CANC 499 projects starting Sept, 2016 are listed below.  Click links for additional detail on research interests for each lab.

David Berman - Discovery and evaluation of novel biomarkers in bladder and prostate cancer

Susan Cole - Membrane transport proteins and their roles in human health and disease

Andrew Craig - Molecular mechanisms of cancer cell invasion that drive tumor metastasis

Scott Davey – Basic and translational studies of the DNA damage response; Business of Research

Bruce Elliott - Stromal-tumour tissue interactions in breast cancer metastasis

Harriet Feilotter - Cancer biomarker discovery and validation; Genomics

Robert Gooding - Cancer Bioinformatics

Charles Graham - Cancer progression and the biology of the human placenta

Peter Greer - Mitogenic and survival signalling pathways as therapeutic targets in cancer

Madhuri Koti - Tumor immune microenvironment in mediating differential drug response in ovarian cancer

David Lebrun – Molecular mechanisms in leukemia

Chris Mueller - Molecular studies of breast cancer

Lois Mulligan - Role of the RET proto-oncogene in cancer

Chris Nicol - Cell-specific roles of the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPARs) in cancer

Martin Petkovich - Understanding the role of hormone receptor signalling in health and disease

Leda Raptis - Signal transduction in neoplastic transformation and adipocytic differentiation

Michael Rauh - Translational studies in myeloid blood cancers and innate immune tolerance