Translational Cancer Research

The lab has two translational research collaborations, one dealing with Breast Cancer Diagnostics, and the other with Colon Cancer Biomarkers

Breast Cancer Diagnostics.

We recently identified and validated a novel test for identificaiton of individuals carrying BRCA1 mutations.  The test relies on a pattern of gene expresison changes in haploinsufficient BRCA1 cells.  We are curently using this test to assess BRCA1 variants that have unknown clinical significance (VUS).  The ultimate goal of this work is to provide individuals carrying such VUS with information that would help them and their physicians plan appropriate surveilance or management plans.

Colon Cancer Biomarkers.

Working with a transdisciplinary team, we are assessing local patient samples to identify potential novel biomarkers related to colon cancer prognosis and treatment.  The work includes assessing molecules known to be important in various types of cancer, inlcuding EpCAM and VEGF, in the context of primary and metastatic colon cancer.  In addition, we are investigating emerging themes in cancer treatment, including the potentially protective role of metformin on cancer outcomes.