Madhuri Koti, DVM, MVSc, PhD

Madhuri Koti
  • Principal Investigator, CBG Division
  • 3rd Floor, Queen's Cancer Research Institute
  • Kingston, ON
  • K7L 3N6
  • Telephone: 613-533-2498
  • E-Mail:

Faculty Bio

BIO:  PhD, University of Guelph, Canada; MVSc, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, India; DVM, MAFSU, India
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences

I am a Veterinarian with Ph.D. in Immunology. Research in my lab is focused on delineating the role of tumor immune microenvironment in mediating differential drug response in cancer. Our long term goal is to identify immune mechanisms associated with therapy resistance in cancer that could be exploited to augment development of novel immunomodulatory therapies.

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