Biophotonics Imaging

We are happy to announce the arrival of our newest in vivo imaging platform, the Perkin Elmer IVIS llumina III.
this is a high resolution biophotonics setup configured for a wide variety of fluorescent and bioluminescent probes and reporter proteins. Utilising customized optical configurations, an array of 26 emission filters, and spectral unmixing filters and algorhythms, this system is the latest development in high resolution biophotonic/in vivo imaging.
The system is housed in the animal care facility on the 9th floor of Botterell Hall. Room :XYZ
The 3rd floor biophotonics setup consists of an imaging chamber for the removal of extraneous light and incorporating multiple fluorophore excitation options, as well as environmental/anaesthetic control, high resolution camera (Hamamatsu Orca) , and various switchable filter sets. Image acquisition is run though Image Pro Plus software.
This imaging modality lends itself to studies of whole animal tumour progression,  metstasis, and also the imaging of fluorescently labelled western blots, amongst other macroscopic applications.

If you have any questions or wish to book time on one of the platforms, please contact Matt Gordon at x36635 or