Confocal Microscopy

Leica SP2 Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope
The Leica TCS SP2 microscope is a versatile and user friendly instrument for high resolution confocal imaging. It is equipped with 6 solid state laser lines  for  458, 478, 488, 514, 543 & 633nm excitation as well as the Tsunami 2 photon laser which is tuneable from 700 - 1000nm.

There are 3 fully adjustable Photo Multiplier Tubes (PMTs) for simultaneous fluorescence detection, and this capability can be set up to sequentially acquire, allowing for a virtually unlimited range of detection. The scope is equipped with the following high quality fluorescence objective lenses

PL Fluotar 10X/0.30 dry
PL APO DIC 20X/0.70 multi immersion
PL APO DIC 40X/0.75 dry
HCX PL APO DIC 63X/1.20 W. Corr/0.17 CS
HCX PL APO DIC 63X/1.32 Oil CS
PL APO 100X/1.40-0.70 DIC Oil CS

 In addition to the standard microscopic aspects the LSCM has a fully adjustable pinhole for signal  and focal plane optimisation, a heated bioptechs stage for live cell acquisitions, and definable fluorescent spectra lambda scan analysis.  The scope is run through Leica's proprietary LCS software, which has in built image processing, 3d reconstruction, and various measurement capabilities as well as integrated macros for technical applications such as FRET, FRAP and lambda scans.
Quorum Wave Effects Spinning Disc Confocal
The Quorum spinning disc confocal is a filter and camera driven confocal microscope with extremely high acquisition rates and enhanced 3d imaging functionality. The SD technology lends itself to 3d and live cell/tissue work particularly and the scope is consequently equipped with a gas, temperature and humidity controlled environment chamber for extended in vivo time lapse experiments

 Also equipped is a fully motorised stage which allows for the repeated acquisition of mutiple, user defined fields of view which can be extended to the analysis of treated vs control conditions using a double slide holder. This lends itself to the generation of multiple 4D data sets within a single experiment,

This is a particularly powerful instrument for such large scale experiments and the speed of acquisition even allows for the scopes use as a high resolution fluorescent intravital setup, for measuring the behaviour of vascular phenomena in situ and in real time.

The SD is run through Metamorph software, which has inbuilt modules for the easy assessment of such large data sets as well as full image analysis and measurement capability, efficient 3d reconstruction, and deconvolution modules and a user friendly interface. .

The scope is equipped with 405, 440, 491, 561 and 640nm  diode laser excitation lines, and 460 470 520 590 620 and 690nm peak detection filters, acquired with a Hamamatsu Orca high resolution camera.This system is also equipped with a TIRF module (see applications)

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