Flow Cytometry

Beckton Dickenson FACS Aria III

We are happy to announce, in conjunction with Dr S Basta the recent acquisition of a Becton Dickenson FACS Aria III cell sorter. This is a state of the art cell sorter with a flexible configuration to help in your research.
The facility Aria is currently fitted with 488nm and 633nm lasers combined with a detector array of 2 scatter channels and up to 8 simultaneous colours from 525-775nm.
488 laser: 530nm (fitc), 585nm(pe), 616nm(pe tex red), 695nm(percp), 780nm(pe-cy7)
633 laser: 660nm (apc), 730 (alexa700), 780(apc-cy 7)
Its high speed sorting capabilities and flexible configuration allow for target cells to be purified into a range of collection tubes, and also 6-384 well plates, with the added capability of single cell deposition into wells for clone assays and also to sort defined numbers and populations onto slides for subsequent microscopy analysis.
The FACS Aria III is located in room 315, the BH level 2 lab which also houses the biophotonics setup.
Beckman Coulter Cytomics FC500
In addition to the facilty run cell sorter we also have a BC FC500 analysis only instrument which is intended primarily for trained researchers to run independently.

The instrument has twin laser lines  (488 and 633nm) , fixed optics for day to day multi user consistency, 2 scatter channels and 5 fluorescence detection channels (fixed at 525, 575, 610, 675 and 775 nm peak emission). This is a user friendly & versatile instrument for all aspects of flow cytometric analysis.

As well as a full analysis service, we offer training and supervision for the independent use of this instrument. If this is something you feel could benefit you or your colleagues, please get in touch and we can tailor a training session to your lab's specific protocols.

It is also possible for trained users to access this instrument outside of normal facility hours.

If you have any questions or wish to book time on one of the platforms, please contact Matt Gordon at x36635 or gordonm@queensu.ca