Incucyte Zoom Imager


We are proud to announce the new (Aug16) addition of an Incucyte Zoom Imaging system to the QUBIC family of services offered. the Incucyte is a plate and flask imaging system which is housed within a regular cell culture incubator and hence the cells are imaged under true physiological culture conditions, over an extended time. During the time the cells are in the imager, the collected images can be reviewed remotely from any computer on the network.

The system currently has 10x and 20x lenses, and adaptors for a wide variety of culture plates from various manufacturers. The images are available in phase contrast and 2 fluorescence channels, green (525nm, GFP, FITC Al488) , and red (575nm, RFP, DSred, PI, Cy3) . In addition there is 96well scratching module for wound healing assays, ensuring an equal and even "wound" in each well and allowing for more objective measurement. Collated images are compiled typically as a time-lapse video.

The software which runs the system and analyzes the data is user friendly and set up so that assessment of confluency in cells, rate of wound healing or (random or chemotactic) migration, clustering or colony growth, spheroid formation and fluorescence expression are easily measurable. With the addition of specific dyes and probes, apoptosis and cytotoxicity measurements are attainable in relevent cell growth time with no need for reliance on specific "snapshot" time points which may be suboptimal for a given treatment. 



Confluency masking and measurement.

Fluorescence expression




 Wound healing/Migration Assays.

The wound healing application for the zoom is a little more complex than other applications by virtue of its setup. We have a wound making module for 96 well plates with a specific protocol to be followed. if you are interested in doing a wound healing migration assay please familiarize yourself with the SOP for the wound maker beforehand (linked below) and let QUBIC staff know in advance. wound module User_Manual.pdf


 Fuller details and example of the applications possible on the incucyte zoom can be found at the essen bio web page here,


If you have any questions or wish to book time on one of the platforms, please contact Matt Gordon at x36635 or