Intravital Microscopy

Intravital Microscopy is a  technique used to make observations and aquire measurements in vivo,to assess biologic relevance in an intact physiological environment. Basic intravital microscopy has been in use for over a century however techncial advances such as video-based IVM and digital acquisition have allowed for more technical multicolour fluorescent applications in near real timelapse,  as well as video rate acquititions in bright field/ enhanced contrast.


This technique allows investigation of vascular microcirculation of a number of tissues including tumors. Leukocyte-Endothelial Interactions, Macrophage Function, and lymphatic circulation studies can be carried out. Using fluorescent imaging techniques and the spinning disk confocal microscope, a vast range of experimental protocols have been developed in the murine model.  Current models used in our facility include gut mesentery, cremaster muscle, gut submucosal tissues, liver, placental, skin flap, and xenograft imaging.


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