Cancer Care and Epidemiology

CCE is a multidisciplinary research unit comprised of clinicians, clinician scientists, scientists, students and staff working together in an active research and educational environment focused on research addressing the aetiology of cancer and research addressing health-services related to cancer care.

CCE’s research mission is broadly captured by our ‘tag’ line: Achieving the Achievable in Cancer Control. Our research mission is described further on the Research Program section of this website.

On this website you will find a description of the unit itself and an overview of its activities, and several pages of information regarding the Principal Investigators and their specific research programs and publications, a variety of opportunities for students, products offered by CCE, and other related links. You’ll find a navigation pane on the left of each webpage as well as tabs across the top of the screen that will take you to the topics of interest to you.

We hope you will find these resources useful. The website offers several different ways to contact the Administrative Assistant or to contact specific individuals as required.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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