Deb Feldman-Stewart, PhD

Deb Feldman-Stewart
  • Principal Investigator, CCE Division
  • Level 2, Queen's Cancer Research Institute
  • Kingston, Ontario
  • K7L 3N6
  • Telephone: 613-533-6000 extension 78516
  • E-Mail:

Faculty Bio

  • Member, Division of Cancer Care and Epidemiology, Cancer Research Institute, Queen's University
  • Cognitive Psychologist
  • Professor, Department of Oncology, Queen's University


Dr. Feldman-Stewart is a cognitive psychologist and professor in Oncology at Queen's University. She co-directs a research program with Dr. Michael Brundage focused on methods addressing information provision and decision support for cancer patients.  These include: the development of a reliable method for determining patient information needs; a tool to assess the effectiveness of patient information; methods to assist decision support (e.g., values clarification); optimal ways to communicate quantitative information; optimal ways of communicating clinical trials results to patients and clinicians.  The team has a further focus on applications of these research methods, including a program of decision support for patients with early-stage prostate cancer, information provision strategies for patients, standards for clinical trials methodology and reporting of patient-reported outcomes, and others.

Current Interests

  • Knowledge translation activities, increasing the uptake by prostate cancer patients of information materials and decision aids
  • Decision support development for the adjuvant treatment of post-menopausal patients with breast cancer
  • The theoretical basis for design / evaluation of decision aids.
  • Generating both a theoretical and empirical basis to help guide use of patient stories in Patient Decision Aids

Example Project

Deb Feldman-Stewart is leading a project designed to increase the provision of patient information and support to prostate cancer patients and their families. To optimize the provision, a one-stop website has been developed that identifies quality resources. The intent will be that physicians and their teams who provide care to these patients early in the patients’ disease experience will provide the patients with a card that identifies the URL of the website.  Dr. Feldman-Stewart is working on the project with both the Canadian Urological Association and with Cancer Care Ontario’s Prostate Cancer Disease Patient Management Team. 

Resources Produced

The Patient Information and Support Group has produced both decision aids and information booklets for patients. Please see the following links for more information:

Professional Activities

Dr. Feldman-Stewart chairs the Shared Decision Making interest group of the International Society for Medical Decision Making. The group includes methodologists and clinicians interested in promoting shared decision making as a clinical approach to encouraging patient involvement in decisions about their care.  She is also working closely with a large international group, The International Patient Decision Aid Standards, updating the empirical and theoretical basis for patient decision aid standards.  The large group includes 11 committees and Dr. Feldman-Stewart chairs the group focussed on developing standards regarding what and how information is presented in decision aids, and is a member of the committee focussed on values clarification and the committee focussed on patient stories.


Dr. Feldman-Stewart's publications are available on PubMed. 

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