Terry Fox Research Institute Studentships

Training Program
in Transdisciplinary Cancer Research


The Queen's University Terry Fox Research Intstitute Transdisciplinary Training Program in Cancer Research was established to produce future leaders in translational cancer research in Canada. This program provides young investigators, including undergraduate and graduate students, with training and hands-on experience in transdisciplinary research while broadening their perspective on the cancer problem. The Program welcomes basic science, applied clinical, population health and health services trainees and offers students in each of these groups a training program specifically tailored to their background and previous educational path.

At present, new graduate students entering the first year of research training may be eligible for Terry Fox Research Institute studentships. The Program has attracted applications from an outstanding group of trainees and our success rate for applicants has been very high making this a valuable opportunity for training transdisciplinary researchers. The deadline for application is May 1st.


Program Management Committee:

Lois Mulligan, Chair (CBG); Deb Feldman-Stewart (CCE); Peter Greer (CBG); Will King (Dept of Public Health Sciences); Dave Lebrun (CBG);  Lesley Seymour (CCT);  Charles Graham (Drug Development & Experimental Therapeutics); Michael Brundage (CCE);  Abdi Ghaffari (Post-Doctoral Fellow);  Victoria Hoskin (Post-Doctoral Fellow);  Sarah Peacock (PhD Student); Mark Andrews (Program Administrative Assistant)