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QCRI researchers are found in the following units:

Cancer Biology and Genetics

We research better ways to diagnose and treat cancer

Canadian Cancer Trials Group

We design and carry out clinical trials in cancer therapy, supportive care and prevention across Canada.

Cancer Care and Epidemiology

We study how cancer care is delivered, its outcomes, and how patients perceive and experience that care.

Learn more about the QCRI - where we are working on advancing cancer research, care and prevention across Canada and around the world.

News & Events

Seminars & Events

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QCRI & Oncology Grand Rounds Joint Seminar (Professor John Simes)
QCRI Summer 2023 Newsletter
Congratulations to our CCTG division's Dr. Hay!
Congratulations Dr. Lois Mulligan!!!!!!
Improving the lives of people with cancer - CONGRATULATIONS Dr. David Berman!