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About Us

About the QCRI

QCRI is Canada’s only integrated cancer research centre where bench researchers (Cancer Biology and Genetics), clinical trials experts (Canadian Cancer Trials Group), and population/health services researchers (Cancer Care and Epidemiology), work together under one roof. We advance cancer research, care and prevention across Canada and around the world. 

  • Our interdisciplinary approach accelerates the research cycle and leads to better scientific understanding, better designed trials, and more effective practices.
  • Our strength in precision medicine helps us to better match drugs to patients’ genetic profiles, leading to more effective, sustainable and high-quality diagnosis, treatment and care. 
  • Our partnership with the Canadian Cancer Trials Group gives us unique access to an international network of more than 2,000 innovators.
  • Our infrastructure includes one of Canada’s leading secure, advanced computing centres; a clinical trial research facility, a tumour and data bank, and state-of-the-art research labs.
  • Our proximity to research labs, a regional cancer treatment centre and a stable population of cancer patients makes industry research convenient and efficient.
  • Our integrated program prepares graduates for the future of personalized, sustainable, high-value cancer research and care.