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About Us

The Queen’s Cancer Research Institute (QCRI) at Queen’s University houses 47 faculty and over 172 research team members whose impact on cancer is unique in depth, breadth, and global reach. Based in the QCRI building and contiguous space in Botterell Hall, we are inventing new and improved ways to understand, diagnose and treat cancer. We bring the most promising of these inventions to global clinical trials, and measure impact on the quality of cancer care in Ontario and around the world.

QCRI’s vision is to provide an outstanding cancer research environment, unique in Canada, which fosters innovation in research and education, and which delivers novel training opportunities for physicians and scientists. Our mission is to conduct cancer research that spans the spectrum from bench-to bedside-to boardroom, reflecting discovery research in the Cancer Biology & Genetics Division, patient research by the Canadian Cancer Trials Group Division, policy research conducted by the Cancer Care & Epidemiology Division.

QCRI’s objectives are to:

  • ACCELERATE the development of novel approaches for preventing and treating cancer, by promoting multidisciplinary collaboration
  • TRAIN the next generation of translational cancer researchers
  • ENHANCE cancer control by translating knowledge into more effective prevention programs and treatment options