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Members of the group are involved in molecular, cellular, genetic and translational studies in various areas of cancer biology, including: 


Molecular Pathology

The Molecular Pathology Team conducts activities focused on the application of state of the art molecular and analytic approaches to identify and characterize novel biomarkers.  The team also has a core function of facilitating adoption of such biomarkers through translational research and implementation science. This work is done across multiple disease sites, with specific areas of study including Bladder, Breast, Colon, Lung, Myeloid and Prostate cancers.

David Berman – Bladder and prostate cancer; implementation science.

Scott Davey – Breast and colon cancer; implementation science.

Harriet Feilotter – Biomarker discovery, validation, and genomics; implementation science.

Chris Mueller – Rapid tumour assessment using circulating DNA methylation patterns.

Chris Nicol - Breast and colon cancer biomarkers.

Michael Rauh - Myelodysplastic syndromes and myeloid innate immunity.

Neil Renwick - Translational RNA biology.

Kathrin Tyryshkin – Advanced analytic and machine learning applications.



 Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy

This page is under construction. Info coming soon!

Andrew Craig
Cancer metastasis pathways


Surgical and Metabolomic Advancements

 This page is under construction. Info coming soon!

Christopher J. Nicol
Involvement of PPAR(gamma) in Breast and Colon Cancer


Explore Human Diseases Using Functional Genomics

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Xiaolong Yang