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CCE is a multidisciplinary unit that does research in Health Services Delivery, Global Oncology, and Cancer Policy.  

The division has a number of active international, national, provincial, and local research programs. CCE Principal Investigators (PIs) are varied in their background; they include Radiation. Medical, and Surgical Oncologists, as well as Internists, Gastroenterologists, Nurses, Epidemiologists, and Biostatisticians. The PIs collaborate internally, locally, nationally, and internationally on a wide variety of research projects. Together with students and staff, the research projects generally fall into the three pillars – as noted previously.

The general objective of research undertaken by PIs involved with health services research is to evaluate elements of access to care, quality of care, system efficiencies, governance, and in so doing, improve cancer outcomes by increasing the attainment of what is already potentially achievable in cancer control.

The general objective of PIs involved in global oncology research is to increase access to cancer treatment, improve outcomes, and elevate the quality of training programs for clinicians in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

The general objective of PIs involved in cancer policy research is to evaluate regulatory policies for drug approvals, reimbursement decisions, health-technology assessments, and financial implications of these decisions both in Canada, and globally.

These research goals are integral to the unit’s five-year strategic plan, which anticipates enhanced research, knowledge translation, and capacity building activities.