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For Patients - Early Stage Prostate Cancer

Patient Tools

The booklet on early-stage prostate cancer is called Treatment Choices for Early-stage Prostate Cancer in 2013: Patients' Questions Doctors' Answers.  Last updated in January 2013.  

Background to the Booklet

Many cancer patients want a lot of information about their disease and possible treatment options. Most doctors try to provide the information they think their patients need but doctors and patients often have different opinions about what that information should be. The purpose of this booklet is to answer the questions that our studies have identified are important to men diagnosed with low or intermediate risk, early-stage prostate cancer and to their families. The answers have been discussed and agreed upon by prostate cancer specialists in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Queen's University and then by other cancer specialists from across Canada.

View the Booklet in PDF format

Decision Aid

This decision aid computer program is designed to help its users with the decision about treatment for low- or intermediate-risk, early-stage prostate cancer (that is, stage T1 or T2, PSA less than 20, Gleason score less than 8). The program contains information intended for Canadian early-stage prostate cancer patients. This information may not be appropriate for use outside Canada as other countries may have different medical practices. This program is available to you at no cost. Last updated in June 2013.

Download the Decision Aid computer program for early-stage prostate cancer patients (Microsoft Windows)