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Andrew Craig PhD
 Andrew Craig
Director, Queen's Cancer Research Institute (as of Jan 1 2022)
Principal Investigator, CBG Division
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My lab studies tyrosine kinase signaling pathways that regulate cell motility, tissue invasion and inflammation. We currently have projects focusing on mast cells, that produce a wide array of mediators that can remodel tissues during immune responses and regulate tumour progression. We also study contributions of F-BAR proteins in metastatic cancers using cell and mouse models.

Research Interests:

Defining targets and new therapies in metastatic cancers

The Craig lab has several projects related to molecular mechanisms of cancer progression, immune suppression, and metastasis:

  1. Tumour suppressor miRNA targets and pathways
  2. Developing new tools to target actin-driven cancer metastasis
  3. Targeting immune suppression pathways in metastatic cancers
  4. Functional genomic screening to identify vulnerabilities in inflammatory breast cancer

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Our research in the news:

This research has been made possible by current or former support from Queen’s University Research Opportunities Fund, Canadian Institutes for Health Research, Cancer Research Society, and Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute.


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updated 9 March 2023