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QCRI-Gairdner Cancer Education & Awareness Event!

Check out our upcoming cancer education & awareness event being held on Nov 26th from 9am-3pm at Queen's School of Medicine (15 Arch St). Click link for more info & free registration:

Ontario benefits from Dr. Harriet Feilotter's leadership!

Dr. Feilotter received funding from OICR to help hospitals in finding the best way to test tumours for cancer biomarkers. The new implementation lab will develop high quality genetic cancer testing methods for hospitals across the province, ensuring all patients get the best available treatment. Read more here:

New QCRI study finds a promising new target in breast cancer

A recent study from Peter Greer’s lab (Cancer Biology & Genetics, QCRI) has been published in Cancer Research Communications.
This collaborative work shows that targeting the adaptor protein Ezrin can improve chemotherapy response and reduce metastasis in preclinical breast cancer models.
his paper builds on longterm collaborations (Bruce Elliott, Sonal Verma and Chris Nicol), and was supported by Canadian Cancer Society, CIHR & MITACs). Read all about it here:

Dr. Harriet Feilotter has advanced research innovations through a Supercluster - AGAIN!

Dr. Feilotter and team are committed to advancing research and development that will improve the lives of Canadian cancer patients. Read more here