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QCRI & Oncology Grand Rounds Joint Seminar (Professor John Simes)

UPDATE (Sept. 28, 2023)! This joint seminar is now being held on Thursday, October 5, 2023 at 8:00 am in Botterell Hall, Room 143

QCRI Summer 2023 Newsletter

Our Summer 2023 Newsletter is out! Click this link to view it, to subscribe to our mailing list and to see our past Newsletters. You can also email to join the list!


Congratulations to our CCTG division's Dr. Hay!

Dr. Hay has been appointed inaugural SEAMO Chair in Research and Innovation in the School of Medicine. Read more here!

Congratulations Dr. Lois Mulligan!!!!!!

Huge congratulations to our CBG Division's Dr. Lois Mulligan being appointed as the Bracken Chair in Genetics & Molecular Medicine. Read more here!

Improving the lives of people with cancer - CONGRATULATIONS Dr. David Berman!

"Having an objective, quantitative way to grade bladder cancers will help urologists provide personalized care matched to their patients’ individual risks.”

Dr. Berman (QCRI Director 2015-2021) received a 2-year funding award through OICR's Innovation to Implementation (I2I) program. Read more about this exciting news in today's OICR News Release here!

Life Lesson from our former CCTG IND Program Director Dr. Elizabeth Eisenhauer

"Understanding your why". Queen's University 2023 Honorary degree recipient, Dr. Elizabeth Eisenhauer's most important life lesson to 2023 graduates. Read more here!