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QCRI is beyond proud of Drs. Bishal Gyawali and Brooke Wilson and their collaborators!

Our CCE Division just had 2 original articles published in the same issue of the top-ranked cancer journal The Lancet Oncology.

Dr. Gyawali is the senior author on a paper entitled: “Health technology assessment for cancer medicines across the G7 countries and Oceania: an international, cross-sectional study” Vol. 24, Issue 6, P624-634, June 2023 - a global collaborative looking at regulatory approval and funding for cancer medicines across 8 countries.

Dr. Wilson is the lead author on a paper entitled: “Global application of National Comprehensive Cancer Network resource-stratified guidelines for systemic treatment of colon cancer: a population-based, customisable model for cost, demand, and procurement”  Vol. 24, Issue 6, P682-690, 2023 - a global study of modelling treatment delivery for colon cancer. Her paper was highlighted by an Editorial which draws attention to the huge policy relevance of Dr. Wilson’s model – it can be used by the Ministry of Health in any country to estimate chemotherapy demand and budget implications based on the unique disease burden and budget allocations within their own health system.