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If you have any questions please contact Zhilin Chen at x78238 or

To book time on the various platforms please visit the individual links below.

Key and Rates.

Flow/Sort = BD FACS Aria3 ($90/h with technical assistance)

SD = Quorum Wave FX spinning disc confocal microscope ($90/hr)

SD TIRF = Wave FX Spinning disc w/ Total Internal Reflectance of Fluorescence module. ($90/hr)

US  = Ultrasound ($60/hr)

US Room = Use of animal care facility US room/Surgical Space only ($30/h)

BP = Biophotonics ($60/h)

IVIS = Ivis biophotonics (75/hr)

Epi = Epicfluorescent Microscope ($50/h)

Incucyte Imager ($20/plate/day)

BF  = Bright Field Microscope ($50/hr)

EVOS Imager ($75/hr)

IA = Image Analysis (free for self use, $60/hr assisted)

Tech = Unspecified Techincal Assistance ($60/hr)

Cart = Surgical and Anaesthesia Equipment ($30/h)