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CCE Objectives

To increase transdisciplinary and translational research

Increase our efforts to translate new knowledge into improved cancer outcomes by building on the strong collaborative relationships between CCE with the other two divisions of QCRI as well as other research groups
across Canada.

To expand our capacity

To do in-depth studies of cancer care and outcomes in selected areas of special interest.  Goals are to aid the optimization of cancer patient outcomes through a program of research that encompasses the spectrum of cancer care in specific patient groups.

To broaden the scope

Of outcomes research program to include nation-wide and international comparisons of cancer care and outcomes.  Broaden the focus of our research to include other provinces and other countries to enable us to explore the implications of a broader range of care patterns on treatment outcomes.

To increase the societal benefits

Of our research by building closer collaborations with system managers, policy makers and patients.  Work closely with policy makers, program managers, patient care providers, and consumers, both in designing our studies and in disseminating their results.

To develop increased expertise

In Needs Assessment, Technology Evaluation, and Modeling of Health Systems.  Apply our techniques for radiotherapy needs assessment and health system modeling to other components of the cancer system. Work more closely with the medical physics community in technology assessment.

Increased involvement in research training

Of highly qualified personnel.